Saturday, 8 August 2009

Physio Delay

I had a call from a physio admin at the hospital yesterday morning to book an appointment on the 17th, two weeks after having first supposed to have seen the physiotherapist. Would that be OK? Well no, actually. I'm self-employed and I need to be fully mobile a.s.a.p. given the economic situation.

So yesterday afternoon a young-sounding physio actually called me and explained a lot of things. He said that taking the non-surgical route adds a fortnight to the healing time, and that physio shouldn't really begin for another two weeks anyway. However, he said that at that stage all I would be told to do was move my foot up and down, bootless of course, which I have been doing for some weeks anyway. He said 'let pain be your guide' which seems eminently sensible. I didn't tell him I had just walked a mile from town on crutches and felt fine. We finished by saying that I would seem him in three weeks immediately after my next appointment with the consultant.

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