Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Final consultation

Last Monday I had my final consultation with the consultant-I-have-still-yet-to-meet, although for the first time I saw someone I'd seen previously. He was very pleased with the leg, and told me to massage the tendon daily in order to reduce the internal scar tissue, which makes the tendon seem thicker (almost double the width) of my now weedy-seeming good tendon.

The previous Friday I had the penultimate physio session and this time was told to raise up on both heels and let myself down slowly on the injured heel, 3 x 15 daily. Difficult.

At the moment I have a virus, so have had little exercise for 5 days now.

In about 4 months time I'm going to build up slowly to dancing again, but I shall be very careful and will not attempt to do any Masai jumping again. I must remember I'm 48!