Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Getting Stronger

After two weeks wearing the boot, I had another appointment with the consultant, A Mr Brown. Yet again there was a long wait in the swine flu incubator - sorry, waiting room, this time one hour twenty minutes. The previous three times it was 'only' 45 minutes. As usual the room was stuffy, crowded and airless, with nothing provided for patients to put their feet up on, even though many of us need to keepo our leg elevated. Oh, and we were treated to ten minutes of screeching fire alarms. A nurse reassured us that everything was ok and I could just about hear her say something about workmen at the other end of the corridor and that we would be all right if we kept the fire doors shut(!).

Also as usual, Mr Brown didn't make an appearance. Maybe he doesn't actually exist. Presumably he's extremely busy. As was the physiotherapist, who I was due to see for the first time as well but he/she/they were apparently too ovewhelmed to see any more patients. Anyway, the guy who did see me felt my tendon and seemed confident that it was healing well. He said I could remove three of the wedges in the boot. Afterwards, I decided to walk the half a mile home rather than take another expensive taxi. It was great to have some fresh air (or as fresh as it gets on the Bath road anyway) and exercise.

I can now almost lift my foot nearly 90 degrees, and as of earlier this week I can now stand up in the shower. I can't walk yet and certainky can't lift myself up on my injured foot. But the tendon feels stronger all the time, so hopefully in 4 weeks time when I say goodbye to the boot I'll be walking normally again.

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