Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Week 11 - Crutches Away!

The leg has been feeling stronger each week since my last post. Last week I started doing workouts in bare feet, and can feel the tendon stretching. I don't push too far it of course and if there's any pain I stop immediately. I saw a physiotherapist for the first time(!) on Friday and I think he was surprised at my progress. He got me to walk in bare feet and could see how I was limping, which also exacerbated my flat-footedness. He laughed when I told him I had cycled to the appointment, wearing my surgical boot. He told me I could dispense with the boot so I have been walking without it and the crutches outside since then. I kept it on at a party on Saturday night though, as I knew I wouldn't be able to resist dancing. It was a great ice-breaker too and got me lots of attention!

I'm seeing (or more likely not seeing) the consultant today, hopefully for the last time, and I expect he will corroborate what the physio said. I have to wear the boot to the consultation though in case he thinks the physio has overstepped his authority :-)

I asked the physio what the hospital did with the aircast boot and crutches. They clean and reuse the crutches, but due to fears of cross-infection, you get to keep the boot - or it gets dumped. What a waste. Surely they could be sterilised and used again? Hospitals in poorer countries would be grateful of them too I'm sure. Maybe I'll try and find a charity that accepts them and ships them out.

Or maybe I'll keep and wear it at parties.


  1. Hi Graham,

    Great to hear about your progress! I, too suffered a partially torn Achilles tendon six weeks ago. It occurred while playing softball (similar to baseball or rounders).

    My doctor and I decided on conservative treatment as well, given my relatively good health and the good chance of recovery without surgery.

    Like you, I have been using a Walker boot (4 weeks; I was splinted for the first 2 weeks). Must say it grows on you, though I hope to ditch it as soon as possible. As an autonomous worker, I had to pay for the boot, but I concur with your feelings about its reuse.

    My next appointment at the clinic is tomorrow. Ideally, I can start physiotherapy soon and move closer to a full recovery - like you :)

    Really enjoy your blog. Will continue to check in.


    Rahul Majumdar
    Montreal, Canada

    P.S. I am a Virgo, but just barely...

  2. I'm based in the UK and back on my feet after a severed Achilles tendon last year. Like you, I want to put my Aircast boot and crutches to good use: did you find any charities who re-use them? My hospital physiotherapist told me that even the crutches can't be re-used ('health & safety' rules) and are destroyed: what a waste!
    I'd be grateful for any leads.

    Marnie Searchwell
    London, England

  3. I too have a used aircast in excellent condition and would love to donate it to a good cause - let me know if anyone knows where to do this.